About Us

When we set out in this venture as a proper business, we did it by the book. We studied the health & hygiene issues and took a diploma to verify that we knew what we were doing. We also applied to the local food standards authority for them to come and check our kitchen and to make sure we were applying the rules correctly.

The inspection awarded us with an ‘Excellent’ rating under the ‘Hampshire Food Authorities, Food Hygiene Rating System’.

We are borderline obsessive about cleanliness and we will not accept any compromise in our finished product. The upside of that is that you will not get a substandard product, the downside is that we have to work some late hours ‘if’ the icing on your wedding cake doesn’t quite look as good as we want it to.

Our cakes are always prepared as close to the event date as possible (usually 2-3 days before) and always made from fresh ingredients and never from cake mixes, as is popular with some specialist celebration cake suppliers. We liaise with the venue over the delivery and we set-up the cake on the day and make sure the venue staff are informed about any special issues with regard to your cake such as a gluten free tier.

So, our ‘promise’ is that we will do everything we can to make sure that your cake brings you smiles of pleasure in the appearance as well as the taste!

All of our cakes and cookies are freshly baked from quality, fresh ingredients just a few days before you are going to eat them. That means you’ll taste the cakes at their best and even if we say so ourselves, they taste great! We use real dairy butter (never margarine) and never use preservatives so they taste as smooth and as rich as possible…