We have been making wedding cakes for many years now and still enjoy being a part of such a happy occasion. There’s something special about each and every wedding and designing a wedding cake and playing a role in the special day still makes us beam with smiles. We have worked with many prestigious wedding venues across the south of England, including the world renowned Chewton Glen in The New Forest. We are equally proud of our status as preferred cake suppliers to Tylney Hall, The Elvetham and Rhinefield House and simply love each of these venues for their individual beauty and charm.

The foundation of the wedding cake business was our love of fine foods and especially, the gorgeous sweet treats that finish off a great meal. This passion led to the creation of a number of celebration cakes that were designed to tease the palate and satisfy the craving without being too sweet or too full of preservatives (we don’t use any!) to let you enjoy them with a clear conscience.

We found that many of our friends began to ask us to produce a ‘special cake’ for a family birthday, wedding or other celebration, or simply as a thank you gift and this continued to grow and expand into childrens birthday cakes and then our first wedding cake for a close family member. We were hesitant at first but the brides insistance that she wanted us to make it as our cakes ‘were the best she’d ever tasted’ made us take the plunge. It was a stressful week but it went well, the bride loved it, the groom adored it (eating it for several days afterwards) and even the caterers (with over 1000 weddings in their portfolio) were asking us to work with them on future events. Sadly the wedding was 200 miles away from our base in Basingstoke, so we had to decline the request, even though they offered us a very good rate for delivery.

Since that first wedding cake we have continued to improve and expand our repertoire and judging by the compliments we receive from happy couples after the event, we must be doing something right still. We now offer cheese ‘cakes’, made from a selection of the finest cheeses, hand crafted in The New Forest and usually accompanied with a selection of crackers and chutneys for the couple that want something a little different. We also produce a wide range of favours for weddings and other occasions, from traditional sugar almonds, chocolate hearts, plain or iced cookies and other little niceties. Old time sweets are also a popular option to add to the evening and we offer these, complete with jars and sweetie-bags to make them just that little bit extra special.